Holyhead Waterfront Regeneration

The Vision

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The Proposal covers three distinct character areas:

  • Newry Beach and Green open space areas including formal Gardens
  • Porth y Felin
  • Soldiers Point and the Great Breakwater

The concept is to develop these important and distinctive character areas to expand, enhance and rejuvenate Holyhead town in a sustainable manner by:

  • Attracting more visitors to both Holyhead and Anglesey through enhancement of the area as a leisure and tourism destination;
  • Regeneration of the area through continued investment by the renovation and reuse of the listed buildings and structures along the Waterfront coastline;
  • Improved public access, extension of the Promenade, enhanced public open space along Beach Road and the creation of a new beach East of the new Breakwater and Marina Facility;
  • Working in partnership with established local businesses and other tourist attractions such as the Breakwater Country Park to provide wider benefits.

The Marina and Breakwater

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This is the focal point of the development with facilities for visitors and local residents including:

  • Full retention of the existing green open space with reinstatement of the sunken gardens and creation of a new model boating lake;
  • Maintaining views from Beach Road and adjacent housing over the new development which would be set at a lower level;
  • 50,000sq ft of mixed-use commercial space for potential tourist related retail, restaurants and marine-related businesses;
  • 280 visitor parking spaces to reduce on-street parking;
  • New 500 berth Marina with existing moorings relocated within the harbour;
  • Enhancement of Newry Beach including improved public access and facilities;
  • Proposed re-use of original lifeboat station as a Youth Marine Training Centre with relocation and expansion of the existing museum to Soldiers Point;
  • New public promenade with improved pedestrian, cycle and vehicle access extending the full length of the Marina and new Breakwater with waterfront apartments;

The development seeks to create a new social & commercial destination for Holyhead linking the established town to Soldiers Point and the Breakwater Country Park.

Porth y Felin

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The area around the Grade II listed Porth y Felin House is currently overgrown with limited safe public access.

The proposals seek to retain the character of the current landscaping and rocky outcrops while reclaiming additional land around the listed house to improve access and provide further residential accommodation.

The development for this area would include:

  • Renovation of Porth y Felin House as an 80 bed hotel with business facilities;
  • 150 new apartments of varied size with potential for independent and assisted living accommodation;
  • 68 new townhouses with a mix of two and three bedroom properties;
  • 6 new large detached houses;
  • New public promenade extending around full extent of reclaimed land;
  • Improved pedestrian, cycle and vehicle access to Holyhead Town, Soldiers Point and Breakwater Country Park.

Soldiers Point & Great Breakwater

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The proposals seek to retain the existing house and its setting, complemented by a New Visitor Centre, Tourist Information Centre and Maritime Museum set into the existing landscape.

  • The renovation of Soldiers Point House would include its outbuildings and existing screen wall as a new location for the expanded maritime museum.
  • Creation of a Visitor Centre and Training Facilities for diving/sailing activities.
  • Re-use of the former railway shed to the rear of Soldiers Point as Maritime Workshops and Apprentice Training Facilities.
  • Overflow parking at the head of the Great Breakwater for summer visitors and special events.


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  • The new development will act as a catalyst to attract investment into the Holyhead area e.g Parc Cybi, whilst seeking to create a sustainable community providing benefits to both the town and wider area.
  • The development will bring significant employment and business opportunities during the construction and operational phases.
  • The scale and content of the new development would reflect the distinctly different character areas of Holyhead's Waterfront enhancing linkages with the existing town.
  • The development would improve public accessibility along the whole of the waterfront and bring back into use a number of historically important buildings and structures.
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A spectacular vision that will transform the area...

The new development will act as a catalyst to attract investment into the Holyhead area, whilst seeking to create a sustainable community providing benefits to both the town and wider area. 

Artist's impression Computer rendering Artist's impression
Computer rendering Artist's impression Computer rendering